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Venus Armchair Company was established in Istanbul in 1971 and has been manufacturing furnitures and complementary accessories for the last 43 years with no compromise in quality, using only natural materials and hand workmanship.

A leading company among Turkey’s manufacturers of boutique furniture, Venus maintains its original passion and excitement for wholesale and retail markets with the motto “A New Model Every Month”.

Our company regards furniture as a form of art, showing utmost attention to detail with skilled masters working on hand carvings, clothes selected and upholstered with elegance and grace, and varnish selections applied with the meticulousness of a painter.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom to enjoy a cup of coffee as you view our 2015 collection consisting of 60 new models in sitting groups, dining rooms, bedrooms and accessories.


Mr. İsmail Başyurt was born in Istanbul in 1955.
After completing his secondary school education, he was instructed by the master Jorj Mörer. In 1971 he established the Venus Interior & Furniture Company.
Starting with 2 people and expanding to a team of 30, the company continues to serve the furniture sector in it 2.500 square meter workshop.
The company started by manufacturing classic armchairs only, gradually adding various furniture and accessories.
İsmail Başyurt revives spaces with the warmth of colors and designs.
He totally recreates living spaces in the guidance of colors, with a distinguished taste in the design of furniture.
Blending advanced manufacturing techniques with fine hand workmanship, İsmail Başyurt reaches a wide audience with his art and aesthetics executed in fine detail.


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