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Foshan Di Haoxing Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is located in the enjoyment of "Chinese furniture manufacturing center" and "China furniture raw materials" reputation of Shunde Longjiang Town, is a professional engaged in the design and development of office chair manufacturing and sales company. Our products are fashionable, reliable quality, and has a strong price advantage, so favored by foreign customers, products are mainly exported to Europe, Greece, Hungary, Croatia and other countries; Japan, Philippines and other countries; North America of Mexico, Columbia, Panama and other countries and regions, in 2005, the company filed for self import and export business, improve the export capacity further, strong expansion of foreign markets.

In the past 16 years, di stable operation, Haoxing furniture strong, mature products and star service, has developed into a set design, production and sales of furniture company. Company employees more than 200, with 20 thousand square meters of factory scale, with injection molding workshop, metal workshop and chair production line manufacturing workshop, the company also established a chair testing laboratory in accordance with international standards, to ensure that the design aspects of the product reached the international standard, so as to improve product quality and enterprise honor.

We are from the beginning of 2010, the full implementation of the upgrading of enterprises, brand, from design, manufacturing to sales, hired international and domestic well-known designers and experts to build the enterprise, plans to use 3 years to become the leading enterprise office chair. Di Haoxing philosophy: to make life more comfortable office. We expect to open the wonderfull life through the design, to meet your good office life pursuit.
Di Haoxing Furniture Co. Ltd is a diversified enterprise management office chairs, office furniture. Through years of rapid development, has emerged in various fields, serving more than one million and five hundred thousand customers worldwide, the product quality of the past more than and 10 years, after millions of customers witnessed. The products are sold to Europe, Hungary, Greece pin in countries such as Croatia; Japan, Philippines and other countries; North America of Mexico, Columbia, Panama and other countries and regions, the establishment of the office chair and a harmonious symbiotic relationship, the relationship is mediated by the office chair is no longer a simple people and things, but people, computer, office chair, office environment harmonious symbiotic relationship.

The company is currently the main strategic objectives of the domestic market bigger and stronger. Di Haoxing furniture is the leading brand, has won the Guangzhou Inter


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