ALÇELİK - Home Furniture - TURKEY

ALÇELİK FURNITURE started production in 1994 with 150 m2 indoor area 3 brothers in Bursa İnegöl, and continues its production activities with the expert staff of 50 people in 2500 m2 indoor area in 2018.
ALÇELİK FURNITURE, which started its activities with bedroom, dining room furniture production, continues its production by emphasizing products such as bedroom and dining room with its fast developing technology and competitive, innovative, quality and uncompromising production understanding. unique designs and different lines.

Because of the importance we place on quality and the investments we make in this area,
ALÇELİK FURNITURE exports to the countries like the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Austria.

The ALÇELIK FURNITURE family will continue to grow without compromising quality with the idea of ​​creating value in the sector.

We design and produce all our models with pleasure as ALÇELİK.
We are waiting for ALÇELİK to share trust and honesty in trade.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Our goal is to accept changes, to respect and respond to our customers' needs.
We believe that; Our customers deserve the best.
Our respect .


Factory :
Woodworking Industrial Zone
Tandoğan St. 20. Furniture St.




+90 224 718 5266

+90 224 714 5267