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Four Generation, One Story...


The story of Lazzoni starts with Master Hasan, specialized in the construction of serender (a type of cottage specific to the Black Sea Region of Turkey) in Arhavi, and it is enhanced with a journey from Arhavi to New York owing to the accumulation of artisanal and professional know-how, transferred from the father to the son. 


Master Osman, the son of Master Hasan, moves to Ankara and lays the foundations of furniture manufacturing by starting to work in door and window carpentry. Bulut Collective company is established, and first modular kitchen manufacture of Turkey starts. The company succeeds in entering one third of all the houses in Ankara. 


The third generation member of the family, Yaşar Kababulut, opens the modern manufacturing facility of 25.000 square meters in Akyurt, Ankara. The partnership established with Nicoletti Home, a well-established furniture company of Italy, and the collection prepared with Guseppe Nicoletti, and other outstanding Italian designers, shape the traits of Lazzoni. The brand gains a national scale with the stores opened outside of Ankara.


When Efe Kababulut, the fourth generation member of the family, opens a store in New York, the brand gains an international identity. Then, Lazzoni strengthens its steps towards being a world brand with the stores opened in New Jersey, Paramus, and Soho, New York, known as the place where the heart of fashion beats, on Green Street, hosting giant furniture brands of the world.


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