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Starting business in the furniture industry in 1980, Kırali Yapı Ürünleri re-organized its machinery and personnel infrastructure upon finding a gap in the market for bathroom accessories and toilet seats production 4 years later. Manufacturing only toilet seats and various bathroom accessories for the major sanitary ware manufacturers in Turkey and in the world for 6 years, Kırali Yapı Ürünleri combined its experience in the industry with designers who have international capabilities, expert personnel, cutting-edge machinery and hi-tech equipment in 1990 and successfully became one of the first companies who have mass production capability in the ready bathroom furniture area.
Kırali Building products offers the most notable examples of the ready bathroom furniture industry with the Exelance, Avangarde and Modern collections that it produced under the Cresta brand using its 34 years of knowledge and capabilities, and consistently raises the bar in the industry.
In addition to the Modern collection where the company offers hi-tech mass produced ready bathroom furniture, it also produces classic bathroom furniture comprising some of the most elegant examples of handy craftsmanship, and offers the finest examples of furniture arts such as carving, lamination, marquetry and peinture with its Exelance and Avangarde collections.
Capable of manufacturing 30,000 sets of qualified bathroom furniture and 40,000 toilet seats in an indoor area of 8,000 square meters with trending designs and top quality, our company exports a majority of its produce to 12 countries across the world as well as serving the domestic market with 50 top-line sale points and as a bathroom furniture supplier for important housing projects.



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