METEBRONZ - Classical Home Furniture - TURKEY

The experienced team of Metebronz Furniture started to write the epic tale of classic and bronze furniture in Ankara, in 1963. Metebronz Furniture, which has embarked on enterprises to be the best, did not limit itself within the borders of Turkey. They executed many successful projects both in Turkey and abroad. They attained the most important furniture exhibitions in the world. With the experienced team whom spent years on this business, Metebronz Furniture grew stronger each year.
As a result of all the successful projects, today Metebronz Furniture is one of the important brands of furniture and accessories, and project design.

Everybody can create beautiful spaces with beautiful furniture and design; but only real artist can bring soul to the beauties. Because; they know the technicalities of making furniture, and win the hearts of their clients with the furniture they manufacture.
With this thought, Metebronz Furniture goes outside of the ordinary classic furniture perception; and turns wood into art; creates bold, elegant and charismatic spaces.
Metebronz Furniture gets stronger every day, with its 40-year experience and values; moving rapidly forward to a bright future with impeccable and strong steps. They listen to their clients the most in this path to success. They work hard for their clients to feel that they belong to the space, and never give up on their customer service quality.
Metebronz Furniture has the motto “There is always a better way for everything.” They constantly renew themselves and get better; providing impeccable service to their customers. Combining wood and bronze with art, Metebronz Furniture has an important spot in Turkey and the world. They aim to be the essential of furniture industry, and grow stronger day by day.



Muradiye sokak No: 10



+90 312 353 1333

+90 312 353 7281