About Us

We have been serving the furniture sector on the internet since 2005. We first started this service with the name exporterscenter.com, then used b2bfurnitureportal.com for a short time. However, in 2012, we changed the name of our website to e-catalogbank.com with the idea that it would be more appropriate. Because, We aimed to be the World's most comprehensive Furniture Catalogbank. And we continue our determination with the interest shown by the furniture sector.

E-Catalogbank is a reliable source of information for professionals in the furniture industry. It presents innovations and the latest designs in the world market. This organization promotes commercial activity between furniture importers and exporters in the global market. E-Catalogbank, a comprehensive resource designed on an open and interactive platform, provides brokerage services to our members.
Our mission is to support companies with successful operations. As a part of an alliance around the world, our Organization; It promotes work that  stability, peace, world trade and  economic growth.​
In addition to making it easy to do business anywhere, We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell, operate and improve their efficiencies. We provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses to leverage the power of new technology to engage with their users and customers and operate in a more efficient way.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.​

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